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Corn Plot Trials Layout

This post outlines the two corn plots planted in the Rich Hill area.

An ECE (Early Corn Early) plot located approximately 5 miles W of Rich Hill and 2 miles south. The hybrids are planted East to West and are numbered shortest to longest South to North as follows: 4292V2P, 4323VZ, 4636V2P, 4971AM, 5077V2P, 5113AM, 5313AM, 5140HR . The range of RM is 92 to 105 day.

A full season plot located approximately 3 mile South of TT highway and 1 mile W of I-49 in Vernon County. The hybrids are planted North to South and are numbered shortest to longest East to West as follows: 5699V2P, 5866AM, 6082AM, 6049V2P, 6112V2P, 6274V2P, 6282AM, 6368V2P, 6414V2P, 6948BR, 6589V2P, 662AM, EX2902AM, 6774V2P

Below is the map from FARMserver. Call me at 417-684-5301 to setup a plot walk this spring, summer, or fall.



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