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Top Ag Services LLC warehouse at sunset

About Us

"Your Success Matters!"
"Farming is an opportunity, but growing a crop is business."

Mission Statement

We are offering exceptional products, service and support.  The mission statement has the following features:

  1. Helping farmers to be more successful. 

  2. Improving lives. Farming can be stressful at times. We aim to deliver joy alongside all products and other services to be a blessing for every person we meet.

Vision Statement

To become a pillar of knowledge, experience, and positivity to our ag community. First to our local growers, then also farmers everywhere. 

Core Values

Our values are comprised of the following:

  1. Customer first: no limitations to doing what’s right for farmers

  2. One Team: together we go further than the sum of our individual efforts

  3. Kaizen: Continuous Improvement

  4. Engaging conflict: for clarity and complete solutions

  5. We believe we are not owners in this life, but God's stewards of what we manage.

The Team so far...

Wendell Koehn
President / Sales

Wendell Koehn is the founder of TOP Ag Services LLC, farmer, & part time real estate investor. Formerly, he was the manager of MVL Corp; a landscape company helping retirees build and maintain their own oasis in the west valley of Phoenix, AZ. Now, Wendell is using his experience in running small businesses and growing up on a small farm to help farmers succeed in a tight, small margin environment. There's more details, but this site is about a grower's profitability and success. Let's let the curtain fall here!

Gavin Steuck
Warehouse Manager

Gavin Steuck grew up in Rich Hill, then attended the College of the Ozarks where he majored in agronomy and ag business. While at college, Gavin worked on the dairy farm and upon graduating worked on a dairy farm for 2 years. He joined TOP Ag Services in May of 2021 as our on staff agronomist and warehouse operator.

Farm Manager

Theodore has a life long involvement in farming and agriculture. Growing up on a family farm in North Dakota has given him an irreplaceable gift of mechanics and machine operation. After moving here to Missouri and spending a year in the custom application industry he joined TOP Ag/Century K Solutions in December of 2021 as a machine operator and ultimately began managing the farming operations at Century K Solutions, our sister company.


Kima Loyd Hopkins grew up on a farm in the Walker area.  After high school she worked at Fram 8 years then Heartland Hospital as Payroll Manager 8 years and 3M for a year.  Kima left Missouri and went to work for Kaiser-Francis Oil Co 9 years as Payroll Manager in Tulsa, OK.  She then transferred to Cactus Drilling Co in Oklahoma City and retired in 2020 as Payroll Manager.  She moved back to Missouri in 2022 where she joined the TOP Ag Services team as a part-time Administrative Assistant.

Managing Partner

Myron Koehn grew up near Metz Missouri and has almost 40 years of farming experience. After the formation of a company; Century K Solutions LLC, that manages all the family farm in 2013, Myron has worked as a managing partner inside this company to this day.  


Magal Chol-Case is currently from Rich Hill, MO. He is currently going to the Ozark Christian College during fall and spring time. His plan is to be a dental hygienist with his college degree. Magal has worked for TOP Ag for several years and has developed practical work skills that can be used where ever he goes in life.

TOP Ag Services is a Beck's Hybrids seed dealer and now offers high yield Corn, Soybean, Wheat, and Alfalfa seed. Also, available are cover crop seeds and forages. Check out our lineup at

TOP Ag Services LLC is also a distributor of Schippers USA T&T foam cleaner, equipment, and ceramic coatings to protect your vehicles and commercial and/or farm equipment. Check out these effective car wash cleaners at

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