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  • Collaboration announcement with Dirks Bros

    How do you deliver better insights to make farmers more successful? TOP Ag Services LLC  and Dirks Bros share more than office space. We are collaborating to offer farmers more effective agronomy services. Whether it’s crop scouting, agronomic research, or testing the latest hybrids, products, and ideas, we’re combining our experience and resources to improve our agricultural community. This includes the future development of a location next door to TOP Ag Services’ current facility. Dirks Bros LLC is a local family-owned company offering results-driven crop fertility management services since 2019. Stay tuned for exciting developments over time! #collaboration #innovation

  • First Plant Guidance for Reducing Risks of Re-plant

    Theorized Summary: Evidence from field observations supports the theory of large differences in final stands of corn that correlate in part to current field conditions. Over time there is increasing evidence that soybeans are also impacted by the conditions of the field at plant. I would argue that corn yield and early growth is more susceptible to current ground conditions than soybeans. However; soybean final stands are just as vulnerable if not more to loss by percent versus corn. Soybeans have a wider range of tolerance in stand loss than corn when they are planted at the locale’s average population rate. This does not negate the importance of finding the best conditions possible for soybeans and dropping populations that are lower than historically thought viable. (Current ground conditions in this document refer to the ground decisions when making decisions at plant. Final stands are stands counted at point that a replant could occur after enough time has been given.) What we have learned: Empirical evidence confirms that aftermarket closing wheels over rubber tired wheels return a positive ROI and can be the difference between a profitable stand vs a replant situation that is behind the ideal planting date. Downforce of row units and the wings of a planter play a crucial role in maintaining the correct depth. Additionally, emerging evidence on our farm shows that it can affect trench closing. Wing downforce when correctly set transfers the appropriate weight to the wings where weight is the least. Properly set opener discs, gauge wheel to disc contact, and the firming point within specs help each seed find optimum moisture and prepare the trench for proper closing. High speed seed drop equipment is proven to allow the correct seed placement, spacing, and depth regardless of speed or conditions. (there is eventually limitations to this but most tractors will not allow this discovery unless they are pulling over 350 horsepower) Vacuum set correctly for the conditions, seed size, and speed are basics in correctly planted seed. Central fill planters with appropriate amounts of flow agents keep seed flowing fast enough for re supply of the row unit hoppers. Using a checklist to go over meter installation to insure that all components are set to the crop and adjusted to specs will give peace of mind that any challenges faced while planting are not some small hidden detail that was missed. Tire pressures on tractors and equipment can also help with compaction and the case of ground drive planters the rate of seed. Keep planter bar running level. It is worth noting that all “fancy” additions to a planter are only as good as they are set to the current ground conditions. Aftermarket closing wheels will not return positive ROI if the tailpiece is crooked, high speed has diminished return to your operation if planting while conditions are marginal, and hydraulic downforce can hurt emergence if oversight is not present by the operator. When starting to plant, it can greatly improve confidence and exploration of proper in field settings if two people work together to start planting. A ground guy to check depth, downforce, and seed start stop at headlands can keep this important decision making process manageable. How many times has a person spent time to set the planter by themself and then finally said; “I think its good enough.”? For in depth planter settings Clayton Stufflebeam with Beck’s Hybrids PFR planter setup has a wonderful video to guide you for detailed explanations on what to look for and why. . Precision Planting is a good resource if you run their equipment. They are well known for agronomically focused equipment along with great development and support. Too wet of ground conditions. Obviously, there becomes a point when no one dares to enter the field. Unfortunately, there is a window between that point and optimum conditions that is left the to “the eye of the beholder”.  When a small handful of soil is formed into a ball and dropped on the ground it will fall apart if moisture is close to optimum. If our clay soils are too wet then the ball will remain mostly intact and will ribbon easily when squeezed between thumb and forefinger. Too wet of conditions accelerates disease and insects while slowing plant emergence due to strangled coleoptile, swollen hypocotyl, and roots that have been stunted due to smeared seed trenches. Set planter with row unit downforce of minimum margin 10-15 lb. Set closing system medium, it can take more to push shut due to wetness. After starting, check seed trench side wall and dirt above. Compaction/smearing is a high risk while still closing out the air gaps. Too dry of ground conditions. These conditions can be extremely challenging and require much looking ahead to manage. Fall spraying or winter weed control are important to keep winter annuals from sapping precious moisture. Cover crops like cereals should be terminated by the time they are in the boot stage but as soon as the first stems appear to save on water while still helping to protect wind and sun from the vulnerable soil. If current conditions are there with faint moisture at 1.5” and ample at 1.75” one could plant soybeans up to a little below 2” but no deeper. If soil profile is too dry on bare dirt or uneven residue putting soybeans in the “dust” will only cause the seed to potentially swell with any faint moisture and then rot when the next rain comes. In soils with covers there seems to be some more forgiveness but any moisture no matter how faint will be imbibed by the seed and if it is not enough to fill the seed profile in a timely fashion will then begin the seed’s decay. As hard as it is to wait, too little moisture in harsh conditions of heat/cold, wind, and rough tilled soils will create a heightened risk of a replant after the next rain anyway. Too cold of weather. Ironically, we have found planting into current conditions of cold soils are far more successful than into warm soils that are chilled in the next 36 hours. Looking at forecast and planting as you begin a warming trend reduces risk of cold injury. In the same token, pausing 24 hours ahead of a cold front’s arrival can also give a seed enough time to fully imbibe water before the abrupt change to soil surface temperatures occurs. Remember, the good feeling of making the last pass of corn as the rain starts to fall is too many times unwound by the realization of a replant that is now needed a few weeks later. Too hot of weather. Planting in temperatures above 86 degrees poses a different set of challenges. Soils with ample moisture become too dry in an amazing short amount of time. If you plant it too wet it will be a brick later on. Make sure closing system and downforce are adequate to seal. Be careful in marginally wet conditions of high closing or down pressures, this can brick road the surface and seal the soybeans in an earthen coffin. Running long hours during this time with rotating drivers can help arrive at complete before too dry is a problem. Too cloddy of soil. Roughly tilled dirt is an emergence problem before the seed has even imbibed its first drink of water. On corn this results in uneven emergence and corn plants becoming a weed to the other as they emerge days if not a week apart. On soybeans and corn chilled night air we receive in early spring can send the seed into shock and potentially result in cold injury. Smooth soil is a pretty good temperature and moisture buffer. For every ½” down in soil temperatures and moisture moderates rapidly. Roughly tilled dirt should be worked finer. Consider no till if needing to plant in drought conditions to preserve moisture. Too fine of soil. On the flip side, tilling soil too deeply and fine will result in a soil that is prone to massive erosion with heavy spring rains. Reduce tillage to as shallow as possible while still maintaining a level seed bed. Weed control needs to be maintained by chemical in this case. Too weedy of conditions. When weed control is poor, controlling the weeds becomes priority. There are times that the calendar date is late and the rain is coming and planting becomes the only choice. A decision like that is best prevented or only used as a risk mitigation with the understanding that it should be avoided in the future. Spray ahead of planter and allow 24 hours before disturbing weeds. Weeds grow too fast, display too much resistance, and will hurt yield not only in this season, but their seeds will cause challenges and costs on into the future seasons when we do not start clean. Too much cover. High amounts of residue or cover crops pose challenges in planting. Having a spring down force planter or even an old style air bag will create challenges in holding gauge wheels to the ground to provide consistent downforce. The other factor is when row unit downforce is too extremely high; considering you have hydraulic down force, this can work against you in furrow closing. It is very important to find the right balance between enough margin on the weigh pins vs an adequate closing of the furrow. Final Thoughts Follow optimum conditions where possible. If not feasible to plant into good conditions, then the settings on your planting become exponentially more important. The settings that are acceptable become more narrow in their balance and position. This should cause an operator to stop and have more checks behind the planter. Using a second person to be out there from time to time on an UTV to make sure will pay you well over time. -Wendell Koehn

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  • Farmer Manager Seed Dealer | Wendell Koehn | United States

    The Opportunity Project Products Resources About Us "Your Success Matters!" "Farming is an opportunity, but growing a crop is business." Mission Statement We are offering exceptional products, service and support. The mission statement has the following features: Helping farmers to be more successful. Improving lives. Farming can be stressful at times. We aim to deliver joy alongside all products and other services to be a blessing for every person we meet. Vision Statement To become a pillar of knowledge, experience, and positivity to our ag community. First to our local growers, then also farmers everywhere. Core Values Our values are comprised of the following: Customer first: no limitations to doing what’s right for farmers One Team: together we go further than the sum of our individual efforts Kaizen: Continuous Improvement Engaging conflict: for clarity and complete solutions We believe we are not owners in this life, but God's stewards of what we manage. The Team so far... Wendell Koehn President / Sales Wendell Koehn is the founder of TOP Ag Services LLC, farmer, & part time real estate investor. Formerly, he was the manager of MVL Corp; a landscape company helping retirees build and maintain their own oasis in the west valley of Phoenix, AZ. Now, Wendell is using his experience in running small businesses and growing up on a small farm to help farmers succeed in a tight, small margin environment. There's more details, but this site is about a grower's profitability and success. Let's let the curtain fall here! Gavin Steuck Warehouse Manager Gavin Steuck grew up in Rich Hill, then attended the College of the Ozarks where he majored in agronomy and ag business. While at college, Gavin worked on the dairy farm and upon graduating worked on a dairy farm for 2 years. He joined TOP Ag Services in May of 2021 as our on staff agronomist and warehouse operator. Theodore Henderson Farm Manager Theodore has a life long involvement in farming and agriculture. Growing up on a family farm in North Dakota has given him an irreplaceable gift of mechanics and machine operation. After moving here to Missouri and spending a year in the custom application industry he joined TOP Ag/Century K Solutions in December of 2021 as a machine operator and ultimately began managing the farming operations at Century K Solutions, our sister company. Kima Hopkins Administrative Assistant Kima Loyd Hopkins grew up on a farm in the Walker area. After high school she worked at Fram 8 years then Heartland Hospital as Payroll Manager 8 years and 3M for a year. Kima left Missouri and went to work for Kaiser-Francis Oil Co 9 years as Payroll Manager in Tulsa, OK. She then transferred to Cactus Drilling Co in Oklahoma City and retired in 2020 as Payroll Manager. She moved back to Missouri in 2022 where she joined the TOP Ag Services team as a part-time Administrative Assistant. Myron Koehn Managing Partner Myron Koehn grew up near Metz Missouri and has almost 40 years of farming experience. After the formation of a company; Century K Solutions LLC, that manages all the family farm in 2013, Myron has worked as a managing partner inside this company to this day. Magal Chol-Case Farm Assistant Magal Chol-Case is currently from Rich Hill, MO. He is currently going to the Ozark Christian College during fall and spring time. His plan is to be a dental hygienist with his college degree. Magal has worked for TOP Ag for several years and has developed practical work skills that can be used where ever he goes in life. TOP Ag Services is a Beck's Hybrids seed dealer and now offers high yield Corn, Soybean, Wheat, and Alfalfa seed. Also, available are cover crop seeds and forages. Check out our lineup at TOP Ag Services LLC is also a distributor of Schippers USA T&T foam cleaner, equipment, and ceramic coatings to protect your vehicles and commercial and/or farm equipment. Check out these effective car wash cleaners at

  • Agronomic Crop Updates | TOP Ag Services LLC | United States

    Farming Is An Opportunity, Growing A Crop Is Business. No Matter The Challenge, Your Success Matters! The Opportunity Project Products Corn Soybeans Wheat Organic Corn Organic Soybeans Organic Wheat Seed Enhancements Foam Cleaner Resources Your Success Matters! Commitment We are committed to taking the next step. Whether that is a need your farm has or a way to reduce risk on your operation. We are here for you, always! Community Your success matters! Whether you still farm, grew up on a farm, or have never farmed we look at our business as an opportunity to support our local community and culture. No matter what activity we are doing, we are serving people. We not only want to deliver product or provide a service, but also package this all with the pursuit of your happiness! Read More Consistency Challenges are overcome one step at a time. Farming is a marathon, not a sprint. With an advisor seated at your table, you can overcome anyhow. We want to be that advisor who is there for you no matter the terrain or market condition. TOP Ag Services is a Beck's Hybrids seed dealer. We provide our customers with the best in seed quality, field performance, and service! We are the first to market with the best products & provide the latest, most accurate agronomic information through proven research. We know our growers needs because we are asking questions, listening, and responding to those needs.

  • Sign Up Form | Agronomic Alerts | TOP Ag Services LLC

    The Opportunity Project Products Resources Agronomic Update Signup Form Picture courtesy of Beck's Superior Hybrids Signing up will not flood you with marketing or alerts. It's not who we are! Text Message Alert Signup Phone First Name Last Name Sign Up Thank You! Your registration request has been sent. SMS Terms, Conditions, & Privacy 1. Your wireless carrier's standard messaging rates apply to SMS correspondence. TOP Ag Services LLC does not charge for any content; however, downloadable content may incur additional charges from your wireless carrier. You are solely responsible for any fees, including web access and/or data or text message charges that may be billed by your wireless carrier based on your individual plan. Please contact your wireless carrier for information about your messaging plan. Your carrier may impose message or charge limitations on your account that are outside of our control. All charges are billed by and payable to your Wireless Carrier. 2. You represent that you are the owner, or authorized user of the wireless device you use to receive the service, and that you are authorized to approve the applicable charges. 3. We will not be liable for any delays or failures in your receipt of any SMS messages as delivery is subject to effective transmission from your network operator and processing by your mobile device. SMS message services are provided on an AS IS, AS AVAILABLE basis. 4. The service as well as the content and materials received through the service are proprietary to us and our licensors, and is for your personal, non-commercial use only. You shall not damage, impair, interfere with, or disrupt the service or its functionality. 5. We reserve the right to alter charges and/or these terms and conditions from time to time. We may suspend or terminate the service to you if we believe you are in breach of our terms and conditions. Your service is also subject to termination in the event your wireless service terminates or lapses. We may discontinue the service at any time. 6. If you have any questions, feel free to call 417-684-5301. If you receive a message from us unexpectedly, you can text the word STOP. We do not charge for help or info messages; however, your normal carrier rates apply. Privacy Policy Text messaging is provided as a service to our customers. Your information will not be shared or distributed in any way.

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