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Green and Blue Infinity Leaf with TOP Ag Services LLC

The Opportunity Project

“Every man or woman will have a door left ajar for them. But, remember they will appear shut at first, so you have to test them.”

We are asked often, "What does TOP stand for?

The three letters are an acronym for The Opportunity Project. "Opportunity" which means that all men and women will have in front of them an "open door". "Project" defines that the process to connect people to more opportunity is never complete.
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Solution Centered Meth.
Soybean population comparisons

Solution Centered

Video Editing Timeline


Using technology of video, text messaging, and mobile platforms we send out current and important information that affects your farm and operation. You get a head start on critical information that comes straight from our support of internal professionals and also Beck's Hybrids agronomists and employees. We believed that regional  information in your pocket gives you an end result of excellent risk management. 

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Convenient Updates
Soybean stem examination

On Farm

Farm visits, investigation, questions, and forensic style crop inspections is at the heart of our agronomic synopsis. Answers are not always absolute, however; we can establish sound advice from the investigative indicators we extract from the plant symptomology and our backing of experts.

On Farm Consultations


Our projects stem from your experiences and conversations we have with you. Your interests and needs start our quest to find answers for your operation. We believe we have a talent for taking all the noise in the room and eliminating the distractions to give you clarity. 

Foggy morning at TOP Ag Services LLC soybean plot
Agronomic Focus
Becks Hybrid Experience

Beck's Hybrids Experience

Where do we start? The most diverse product lineup, regional focus of genetics, a commitment rewards program, and a faith based family who owns this company  is only the beginning of the list of advantages of doing business with Beck's Hybrids. They are an icon in customer success and retention. Browse the many reasons customers say this company is iconic.

Beck's brings the most diverse product lineup in the industry. In additions to their proprietary corn breeding program, the company has the unique advantage of working with the elite technology and germ plasm suppliers to access a product lineup not seen in this industry. Because of Beck's Hybrids, TOP Ag Services is proud to offer you the freedom to choose what is the best, highest performing hybrid or variety for your farm, regardless of which trait or source you prefer.

Sunshine finds a Beck's Hybrids Pro Box
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