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Early Corn Early Plot Report V6 May 28, 2019

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” -Thomas Jefferson

Here is the status of the short season corn plot near Rich Hill, MO. This plot like everything else has been inundated with heavy rain. The corn was around V6-V7 with nodes stacked tightly due to cool weather. Temperature the day this evaluation took place was in the upper 70s. Skies had scattered clouds, soil moisture was ample, but not saturated. The corn had been recently top dressed with treated Urea several weeks before.

Color Ratings 1-5 (1= yellow, 5 = dark green)

5140HR: 4

5313AM: 3

5113AM: 3

5077V2P: 2.5

4971AM: 4

4636V2P: 3

4323VZ: 3

4292V2P: 3

Uniformity Ratings 1-5 (1 = yellow, 5 = dark green)

5140HR: 3

5313AM: 2.5

5113AM: 2.5

5077V2P: 4

4971AM: 3

4636V2P: 4

4323VZ: 2

4292V2P: 3

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