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Irrigated Late Season Plot Evaluations

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

“Many options are not transparent. They need to be explored and evaluated with care. What you see is not always what you get.” ―J. Grant Howard

Irrigation really is paying off this year when the weather was hot and dry during a critical time of corn grain fill. Corn is in the R5 stage. This plot received two fungicide apps. Veltyma at VT & Delaro at R3. We will evaluate disease & ear uniformity this time. Standability is not an issue right now as ample moisture and fertility has prevented any cannablization of stalks. We will dive right in with the reminder of the ratings are 1-5 (1 is most desirable and 5 is least)

  • Disease

6256Q 2

6481AM 2.5

6049V2P 1.5

6282AM 1.5

6274V2P 3.5

6368V2P 3

6374V2P 3

6414V2P 2.5

6557V2P 2

6589V2P N/A

6743AML 3

6774V2P 2.5

  • Ear Uniformity

6256Q 3

6481AM 2

6049V2P 3

6282AM 3

6274V2P 2.5

6368V2P 2.5

6374V2P 3

6414V2P 2

6557V2P 3

6589V2P N/A

6743AML 2.5

6774V2P 2.5

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