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June 20, 2019 Enlist/LLGT27/Xtend Emergence Scores

Here are emergence scores of the soybean plot. Enlist emergence is significantly different. This plot has had a lot of rain and has a clay loam soil type that hangs onto water.

Weather Conditions:

Time: 4-5:00 pm

Temperature: mid 80s

Sky: Clear

Winds: S,

Humidity: High

Uniformity Score 1 best 5 worst

4310E3: 2

4442FP: 2

4447X2: 4

4628FP: 3

4667X2: 3

4610E3: 1.5

4772FP: 2.5

4887X2: 1.5

4810E3: 1.5

4991X2: 2.5

5119X2: 2

5110E3: 2

5337X2: 2


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