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Mid/Long Season Plot Update: Will it rain this weekend?

“Weather forecast for tonight: dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning.” -George Carlin

Spring had heavy, almost incessant rains, cloudy, and high humidity. Now humid air with higher temperatures is stressing the corn. Temps in the mid 90s today with heat indexes in the triple digits.

The curve balls of weather keep coming and weather is has been a big challenge this growing season. In some ways dry years are less of a challenge agronomically, as there is little us farmers can do to change the issue. However, in wet years we face a more difficult path to navigate in crop agronomy. This plot has definitely had its share of obstacles. Hail, High wind, heavy rain, heat. I guess we are just missing a hurricane and an earthquake yet. But, we are in an exciting part of the season. We have ears of corn to look at.

Below are the first pictures of the ears in the R3 stage.

Green Silks left Rating:

5699V2P N

5866AM VL

6082AM VH

6049V2P VL

6112V2P N

6274V2P Y

6282AM VL

6368V2P VH

6414V2P N

6948BR VL

6589V2P Y

6622AM Y

EX2902 VL

6774V2P Y


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