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Physiological Maturity R6 Long Season Plot Update

“It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it.” – Jimmy Dugan

The stand out hybrids that are worth mention are:

6774V2P heavy, orange colored grain with the ability to go in wide ranges of enviroments

EX2902 this experimental has not wowed me in any respect except quietly being average. It seems its ear has been the same, surprisingly consistent from ear to ear

6589V2P this rockstar is still being rockstar, great grain quality and ear size on energy drinks

6948BR steadily pulling the hills, swinging for the curve balls it gets it done no matter the weather

6414V2P How will it rate in our area to 6589V2P, this double pro looks good

6282AM Really like this product, consistent through LP-HP placement, grain quality, and stress manager

6112V2P new product that really seems to be OK with stress and still produce a fine looking ear.

5866AM In 2018, it came in second up the road in a harsh drought and high night time temps. Doesn't look like its holding back with ample rain either.

Kernel Color Ratings (1 = Orange 5 = Pastel Yellow)

5699V2P 3.5

5866AM 2.5

6082AM 3.5

6049V2P 3

6112V2P 2.5

6274V2P 3

6282AM 2.5

6368V2P 3.5

6414V2P 2.5

6948BR 3.5

6589V2P 2

6622AM 3

EX2902 3.5

6774V2P 1.5

[Note: these ratings are only indicators of grain quality and test weight.]


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