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Protecting your investment with spring storm risks

"Every storm runs out of rain, just like every dark night turns into day." Gary Allen

I have been thinking about the storms that are moving in. This has caused me to think of what we can do as farmers against powerful Mother Nature. From an "out in the field standpoint" not much far as stopping a hailstorm or a flooded crop. However, we can look at the insurance coverage and the option to add wind, hail, etc to your policy. Now is the time before this event materializes. From the pricing we have done for our farm, it seems there are some really economical options to add to revenue protection. While we cannot stop adverse weather, we can prepare mentally and financially. I thought it important to drop this quick note as this rain moves in to be aware of your options and call your crop insurance agent to make sure everything is signed properly and the added coverage if needed is there. It seems important to prepare to run the marathon, not win the short dash. Good Luck!


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