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Research Plot Observations, Pictures, & Notes

In this post we dive into a few observations on our Research Plot and the agronomy studies we are doing here on a Beck's Hybrids corn plot in SW Missouri.

For the record there are currently three studies we have started here. Upon which we may add more in the future as the need or interest works out to be. They are for corn the Closing Wheel Down Pressure Study, Seed Planting Depth Study, & Hail Storm Recovery Study.


  • Closing Wheel Down Pressure Study

Raised up


Middle (Normal)

Full Pressure

-At this time we are not noticing major differences, with this exception. A little too much down force on correctly spaced and aligned closing wheels is better than not enough.

  • Seed Planting Depth Study

¼" loss of 70-80% of stand (maybe due to temp swings and birds)

1" no loss of stand (curious on wind and weather effects on shallow planted roots later)

2" Almost perfect stand, seems to be the sweet spot

3" Loss of some stand on the wetter areas (Perfect stand only in ideal conditions)

  • Hail Storm Recovery Study

Simulated Hail date: 05/05/2020

Recovery time as of this post: 7 days (May 12, 2020)

Three sections of simulated damage:

-stripped or torn leaves (greatly recovered)

-hailed out completely (greatly recovered)

-large hail stones (50% fatalities, perhaps the simulation was too extreme)

Please see the photos below for the date of occurrence to today on the hail storm study:


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