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Soybean Maturity Irregularities in 2019

“Being crazy isn't enough.” -Dr. Seuss

R7 Soybeans in SW Missouri, Oct. 16, 2019

Have you noticed variable maturing soybeans as they ripen? Different colors and shading across nearly ripened fields? I have noticed colors ranging from tawny brown to light grey that is not respective of variety or plant date. I have seen two different plant dates (week apart) in the same field with the same variety result in two different color shadings. A 4.9 RM bean runs drier than a 4.6 and so on.

This past week or so Scott Dickey; Beck's Hybrids agronomist & I have walked fields and talked by phone specifically about these points. It is quite possible knowing the wet year we have had and the amount of disease activity noted in the growing season that this might be the cause for the variable soybean fields. No labs have been used to confirm this, however; the symptomology in the crop is there. There can be moisture differences. Will this translate to yield differences? Possibly, some. You might have noticed walking a ripened field that there will be once in a while a green soybean plant with little or no filled out pods. This is a symptom of a virus infection. Other plants might have a mottled look or burnt appearance to the dying leaves. Plants that Scott pulled seemed to have different diseases on one plant. More information on foliar diseases can be found here:

Virus infected Soybean plant at harvest

Obviously, there is not much to do at this point. Yet, understanding the factors causing the changes in harvest conditions may help you set the combine for these areas. Have a safe and bountiful soybean harvest! If you need anything, like a drone flight to identify tough to harvest areas I can come by and do that!

Color Variations that show varied harvest conditions

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