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Announcement: TOP Ag Services joins TerraMax, Inc dealer network

TOP Ag Services now sells TerraMax products. From inoculants to turf treatments, this product can be applied in a variety of ways.

The following is an excerpt from the TerraMax website:

For over 20 years we have been creating defined microbial products to address problems in the agriculture industry. The hallmark of these microbial products has been our proprietary stabilization process to ensure microbes are delivered to the market alive and conditioned to perform the selected function.
From our unique Azospirillum-based products to our rhizobia-based products, this stabilization process forms the base solution into which our microbes are placed. This industry first formula allows the bacteria to exist and survive in packaging for up to two years prior to use while maintaining effective populations. Effective delivery to the soil, by way of seed treatment, in-furrow application, tank mixing in a pivot, or side dressing, is accomplished by various application methods with specific formulations for each use.
Since our founding in 1998, TerraMax has developed products that offer environmentally sound solutions for plant growers, from row crop agriculture to specialty markets. The main area in which the company has focused its research has been nutritional aids for plants.

Go to to find some of the products we sale with their info and pricing.


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