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Finding thanksgiving in a year of difficulties!

Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light. -Albert Schweitzer

We know 2019 growing season was a challenging year, to say the least! Yet, when we step back and take another look, actually, what do we see? Unrelenting difficulties? Overwhelming problems? Or, do we see that the times when we were in over our head, this was actually the yardstick upon which our limits were measured? A recognition of our interdependence with our partners. Primarily God, but also your spouse, brother, dad, grandpa, your advisor of your operation was a boost to continue in spite of rain, wind and flood! For me, it took all I had, plus others around me to finish the fight. Some of you did not know it, but your quiet perseverance was an inspiration to keep going until the war was won. True, looking back not every battle was won in a year like this, but the season was for the win. Looking forward, we believe that there will be more challenges amid mistakes. But there will be no stopping with your commitments for yourself, your family and your partners! As we go into the end of this year with the season of Thanksgiving let this time be a reminder of our need of each other! It is the inseparable things that bring a deep thankfulness for the many blessings that weather, markets, or time cannot erase. The giggle of your newborn baby, the tired smile of your wife who brought meals, and the knowledge that next year we start anew! Thank You to all American farmers for your perseverance. Happy Thanksgiving!

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