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Establish a Farm Operation Standard for Naming Farm/Fields

Field names should be consistent and simple across tractor & combine monitors.

With the wet weather pushing back planting in April, it's easy to forget about small details that may get pushed aside when field work starts again. One of these details is prepping the planter monitor for spring data collection. Manually entering in the field names based upon memory opens up an easy way for data to go bad or typos to hijack your data collection. Use software like Beck's FARMserver®, Climate's Field View™, or John Deere MyOperations™ to go through your field boundaries and names to make sure there is one common name by which that boundary is referred to. Then, export a setup file to a flash drive and go to each monitor and upload all the fields. Some of this software is free to use for this basic function. FARMserver® premium access is included for all Beck's customers, for example. If changes are needed, pull up the former mentioned cloud based platforms to edit and export one file to multiple planting monitors for a simple easy to use operation. Good luck this spring. Even though it's busy, remember; it always gets done!


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