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Paraquat Label Changes

Paraquat (gramoxone) has seen some label changes that will affect applicators, including growers who spray their own crops. Below are four key things to be aware of on the new label:

-Label's changes highlight the toxicity & danger to human life.

There are 17 reported deaths since 2000 from accidental ingestion of this product. EPA says that: "Paraquat is highly toxic to humans. One small sip can be fatal, and there is no antidote."

-Now the use of the product will be restricted to only certified applicators.

Anyone who mixes, loads, applies the chemistry, or other related activities must have Pesticide Applicators License, not just work under them.

-Targeted training for paraquat users is required.

This is in addition to the certified applicator license. You can access the training module here:

-There will be a closed system packaging for non bulk containers of end use product containing paraquat.

This change will affect manufacturers of this product.


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